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  • Writer's pictureGena Bessire

Writer, Wife, Mom, And Chief Everything Of A Craft Empire

I grew up telling stories to my siblings, cousins, and the children I babysat. My mind is always creating new and exciting adventures that just beg to be shared. That drive to create and mold new worlds, people, and plot lines hasn’t lessened as I have become an adult. Today I write Christian romance novels a mix of my favorite things, my love of God, romantic love, and storytelling.

When not crafting the next perfect scene for my unsuspecting characters, I am a full-time wife, a mom of many, and the owner of a small craft empire.

Blending good balance of all my many jobs isn’t always easy, but it is well worth the result.

If I have time left in my day, I enjoy talking with my mom and sister on the phone, exploring my gardens, cleaning forgotten spaces in my house, and sneaking in a nap. But I often find myself in front of my computer typing out a story that I can't get out of my head because honestly, I would rather be writing.


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