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We hope you had the HANDS DOWN best Mother's Day EVER!!!

As you can see this greeting is a day late because I was enjoying Mother's Day with the very hands ;) who made this all possible. It was a great day of busyness.

My favorite thing about Mother's Day is not that it is all about me, but that I get to reflect on how blessed I am to be a mother. As a little girl, all I ever wished for was to be a wife and mother. My visions of my life always included a house full of kiddos and to be completely honest lots and lots of candy. :)

God has blessed me abundantly with a husband who adores me enough to wake up and say, "So do you want to buy the supplies and recover the cushions on the porch today?" A simple sounding thing, but one that I have been dreaming of getting done for over a year now. He was all in: running all over town for supplies, picking the fabric with me (which took hitting 2 stores to find enough yardage), and in the end, spending hours cutting and shaping what seems like a simple U shape of plywood to use as the base for the new cushions. It's not! I am grateful to have a sweet husband who has more patience and attention to detail than me. :)

My darling kiddos made me a tasty breakfast to wake up to, blessed me with a plethora of Mother's Day knick knacks and cards, and put up with a cross town trek for my project. They even made us dinner and cleaned the house while their dad and I were scratching our head over the exact U shaped for the cushion base. That last 'gift' may have been requested by me, but they did it, mostly, cheerfully. :P

Happy Mother's Day!

With Love,

Gena and all my kiddos BIG and small

P.S. My favorite thing to do on Mother's day is taking a picture of my kiddos hands. It started out a punny pic to send to the fellow moms in my life and has turned into a tradition that I insist now. Below are the previous year's pics. I can't get enough of their precious hands altogether nor can I get over how much they have grown.





Enjoy the sweet hands in your life!


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