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Broken Songbird

Broken Songbird Book Cover

Lark Dubois is an up-and-coming classical French singer. After finding her long-lost father in the United States, Lark is shattered when she witnesses his murder only months later. Undercover and alone, Lark, disguised as Sarah Reeves, puts her life on hold to find her dad's murderer and bring him to justice. Along her journey, she runs into Isaac Kyle, the homicide detective on her dad's case. A mutual attraction grows as they get to know each other, only Isaac thinks Lark is a simple college student, not a witness to a man's murder. Should she fight her growing attraction to him? Or should she come clean?
Isaac Kyle is a homicide detective for the Santa Barbara Police Department. He is intrigued by Sarah, a woman his younger brother befriends at college. Isaac's intuition is telling him to keep his distance, but his heart won't listen. Between the stack of murder cases piling up on his desk and the mysterious Sarah, he doesn't have the strength to resist her. Can he trust her? Or should he listen to the warning voice in his head that says she isn't what she seems?

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Popstar Next Door

Popstar Next Door Book Cover

Popstar Aurora James needs a break badly. The expectations of her career and the demands of her momager are suffocating her. So, with the perfect escape plan and a bit of luck, she sets off to enjoy a much-needed break from her chart-topping life. Unfortunately, she finds herself drawn to small-town Pastor Liam Hudson’s crystal blue eyes and love of the Lord. But, when he realizes that she isn’t the girl next door, Lila Jay, that her life isn’t simple or uncomplicated, will he want anything to do with her? Can he love her if he knows she is mega popstar Aurora James?

Liam Hudson is the pastor of his home church. He is up to his eyeballs in ministry work and setting a good example. Lila, a spunky brunette, moves into his grandma’s rental cottage spurring surprising thoughts of dating. She is sweet but mysterious and seems opposed to being set up as him, which makes him wonder if he would be all that set against it if it were the right woman. Will Lila open up and give him the chance to know her? Is she worth the risk?

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Big Sky Love

Big Sky Love Book Cover

Abigail Garrett passed her bar exam and heads to Montana to spend the summer with her beloved grandma at the request of her mom and aunts. Although she loves Montana and has only fond memories of summers there, she has no plans to stay permanently. Abigail has a position at her family’s law firm waiting for her. She certainly has no plans to fall for the ranch foreman, Ben O’Brien. Ben is all the things she is looking for in a man, except he is taken. How can she protect her heart, honor God, and work side by side with him all summer?

Ben O’Brien has his hands full running his ranch and helping his neighbor, Gail, with her ranch. His world is turned upside down when Gail’s granddaughter visits for the summer. She is wet behind the ears and intent on being helpful. With the end of his three-year relationship, the last thing he wants is a new woman making demands of his time and energy. If only she didn’t spark a fire in his chest that he hadn’t felt in years. How was he supposed to work alongside her without wringing her neck? Maybe if he silenced her with his lips, she would stop driving him crazy?

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